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Parameters for Seal of approval

An agreement to provide a standardised approach to the dispensation of services and the way in which things are charged for. Services covered as below :

Cost of printing is presented clearly on invoice under the following headings

  • Mono Cost Per Copy – A fixed per page standard amount charged clearly. If presented in Rands then the figure is limited to two decimal places/if presented in cents then as a whole number (egR0.99 or 99c)
  • Colour Cost per Copy – A fixed per page standard amount charged clearly. If presented in Rands then the figure is limited to two decimal places/if presented in cents then as a whole number (egR0.99 or 99c)

  • Scanning – no charge will be levied for scans conducted on the printers (Cost per scan R0.00) 

  • Rental of Equipment (no equipment buy outs involved) – Will be presented without any escalation unless requested by the client in which case the escalation amount will be clearly stated and accepted.

  • Rental of Equipment (buy outs involved) -The value of the equipment to be bought will be provided for with corresponding finance values for this presented separate from new equipment. New equipment rental proposals will be presented as above.

  • Title/Ownership Transfer – All equipment rented will come with an undertaking for the dealer to pass title of the equipment to the client for the equivalent of one further payment (e.g. on 1/x +20 a 21st payment will be charged for title; on a 1/x + 60 a 61st payment will be charged for title. All title payments will be aligned with the payment profile in place i.e. 1 additional month/ 1 additional quarterly payment in keeping with if the payment cycle is monthly or quarterly.

  • Maintenance/Service Agreements – All machines will come with a Maintenance/Service Agreement that will provide for all parts, maintenance, cartridge and clearly state service delivery timeframes (visits within x time of call, cartridge delivered y time prior to finishing). Will have clear cancellation clauses where failure to perform, negligence and repeated faults on the same machine are provided for. Wherein no penalty for loss of profit is provided for. We will require a copy of the current standard terms and conditions to ensure that they comply with the above and or provide fairly for the interests of the dealer as well.

  • Minimum Billing – if applicable, will be set clearly per machine and represent the minimum revenue the client is liable for per machine (i.e. if a machine has a minimum billing (mb) of R100.00 If the client bills (cb) R30.00 on that machine they will be liable for the mb – cb=R70.00)

  • Escalation: Agreements with escalation clauses will never exceed 10% per annum and will only be applicable once a year at 12month intervals. Should there be a need for a higher escalation (attributed to significant exchange rate increases) these will need to be demonstrated and agreed with the client.

At this stage we have invited all the main printer bodies and have already had a couple that have subscribed to the parameters that are covered by the seal. We do not take any commissions or have any renumerations from any party other than our clients. It is not our aim to influence the flow of business or the market share, it is only our aim to ensure there is some kind of standardisation that safeguards those who are susceptible. It is appreciated that the above are general and in some instances a supplier may have specific elements of their agreements that need greater consideration. Should this be the case please provide comments for consideration and a copy of the portion of the current agreement that you refer to/ the proposed text for the agreement that you wish to provide under this seal